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The "Superman" Epiphany

The "Superman" Epiphany

I had an epiphany while working out today. More specifically while lying on the floor pushing through a set of Superman's.


That thought being this: I distinctly remember in high school being in the best shape of my life and not even being concerned about it....not even realizing it. As all of us remember we all took some form of physical education in school. Depending on if you were into extra curricular after school activities maybe even were involved in sports as well. While I didn't get involved in sports, I did take tennis and dance classes during school.

Tennis was especially grueling because we would spend about 10 minutes stretching and warming up, then we would go outside to the baseball diamond and run laps around it and THEN finally do some tennis drills. By then end of class I could barely make it to the locker room because I was EXHAUSTED. Jelly legs and everything.

The kicker is -unless your totally into an active lifestyle then the allure of not being forced to exercise is incredible and we all take advantage of it. And that's when the weight slowly starts to creep up on you. Next thing you know you're at what's considered a "Second Puberty" when your body starts to change fairly considerably.

The funny thing is once we get to a point where we're unhappy with what we see in the mirror and want to make some changes, we can tend to forget what happened to get to this point. Excluding having children or an adverse health issue, we know what we need to do (watch what you eat and get physical) but we need the motivation (outside of being made to) to get to a happy place with our bodies.

Now I advocate for getting healthy. Not necessarily getting "skinny" because every body type is different. However staying active can have great benefits such as delaying the aging process, getting rid of stress, giving you confidence and so much more.

If you take nothing else from this post, wherever you are on your fitness journey make sure you're doing it for the reasons YOU want to. Not anybody else. And if you can be confident while doing it- rock on! 🤟🏾

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