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Hate getting up early to exercise? Try it at night!

Hate getting up early to exercise? Try it at night!

Believe it or not everyone is not an early bird. Getting every minute of sleep in a world that increasingly seems to require every second of your attention can get to be difficult sometimes. 

Even if you can't drag yourself to get out of your warm bed in the morning you can get rid of some of that excess stress after you get home and slam the door shut: try working out at night! It can have more benefits than just getting rid of the anxiety and stress of the day: it can also help you get some zz's.

Read on for some tips...

Pro-tip: Skip HIIT

HIIT when broken down is High Interval Intensity Training. While it's a good method to get some great results in the daytime it's not so good when you're trying to hit the sheets in a few hours.

Why? Because it can amp you up and it *may* provide a boost in energy. Again, good idea if you need to stay up for a few hours but not so much when you're ready to wind down.

However, don't fret! There are some other options that can help get you to dreamland and still get the objective accomplished.

-Strength training

(Photo credit: Kelly Sikkema)

Pro tip: Lift some weights or pick up those resistance bands. Weightlifting taxes the central nervous system. This in turn may provide a buzz and put you in a relaxed state.

Ideal move? Deadlifts


-Get your zen on and try some Yoga

(Photo credit: kike vega)

Yoga before bed can help focus the mind and relax the body which is a win/win for bedtime.

Ideal move: Child's pose (or any stretching moves)

Pro tip: Child's pose improves your circulation which can help you sleep for longer.

Try these tips and get the benefits of moving your body and also helping you get some sleep without having to worry about waking up wayyyy earlier than you plan (or want) to. 


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Main photo credit: Yannic Läderach




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